About Us

The Company

NanoMedtrix, LLC was formed in August of 2012 as a spin off of decades of innovative biomedical research in nanomaterials and regenerative medicine.  Recently, this scientific technology culminated into the creation of a commercial entity to deploy nanoparticles to the biomedical community.  

Based on nanoparticle technology, this distinctive engineered platform has been used in a variety of biomedical applications. In cancer, NanoMedTrix material has been designed to target solid tumors such as: bladder, colorectal and neural tumors. The same nano-compounds are adjustable to provide valuable information on the disease process of a multitude of illnesses. 

We offer products that are simple and easy-to-use, combining fluorescence, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and/or computed tomography (CT) with ultrasound imaging signaling capability. This allows for visual seamless validation from in vitro specimens to transplants in vivo. In other applications, the customizable compounds are engineered to tag tumors or other cells of interest, in real time. Furthermore, the incorporated ultrasound properties confer a rapid image-guided option for precision delivery of the particles.

To enhance whole live animal studies, we have performed extensive characterization of our products and toxicology evaluation (with live cells and with adult and fetal laboratory animals).  Currently, we are focusing efforts on the preclinical products which allows validation and acceptance thought the scientific community.  Our long term vision is to provide our products to physicians for clinical applications. 

As we are located in the heart of the Research Park of the University of Iowa, NanoMedTrix activities are strategically situated both on and off campus to accommodate research and development involving state of the art scanning, computational imaging, animal housing and manufacturing facilities.  We also collaborate with various US and international laboratories.

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The Team

Dr. Joe Assouline, Ph.D, Founder and Chief Science Officer

 Dr. Assouline has held various academic positions in Medicine and Engineering at the University of Iowa.  His main research focus has been to develop novel target molecules and bioactive markets.  Starting during his tenure at the National Institutes of  Health (Bethesda, MD), he began his quest for a reliable market technology which will serve simultaneously as a diagnostic tool and therapeutic alternative.  This led to a number of innovative designs which culminated in the development of a series of nano-scale multifunctional particles with applications in biotechnology and medicine.




Dr. Sean Sweeney, Ph,D, Director of Engineering and Manufacturing

Dr. Sweeney has received strong training in all research interests of NanoMedTrix.  He has hands-on experience in various types of nanomaterials and has applied this technology in a number of biomedical applications.  He has participated and managed teams of scientists n the development and experimental designs for labeling and imaging contrast enhancement as well as a broad spectrum of biomedical engineering.