Small Particles, Large Contrast

Reducing The Time and Cost of Scientific Trials

What We Do

Based on nanoparticle technology, our distinctive engineered platform has been used in a variety of biomedical applications. In cancer, NanoMedtrix material has been designed to target solid tumors such as: bladder, colorectal and neural tumors. The same nano-compounds are adjustable to provide valuable information on the disease process of multitude illnesses. 

Our products are simple and easy-to-use, combining fluorescence, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computer tomography (CT) with Ultrasound Imaging (UI) signaling capability. This allows for visual seamless validation from in vitro specimens to transplants in vivo. In other applications, the customizable compounds are engineered to tag tumors of cells of interest, real time. Furthermore, the incorporated ultrasound properties confer a rapid image-guided option for precision delivery of the particles.

Our products are currently approved for preclinical trials.


The Nanomedtrix Particle Difference

Unfortunately, commercially available contrast agents are specifically designed for only one imaging modality: MRI, CT, PET, or ultrasound. Our novel multi-modal, targeted contrast agents are designed for use across a range of disciplines, including regenerative technology and targeted radiology in medical imaging. Our agents significantly reduce multi-scan/multi-visit costs while reducing mis-diagnosis.   Our novel contrast agents are unique in four important ways:

  • They are multi-modal, meaning that a single dose will be effective across 2 or more scanning types, increasing efficiency and decreasing waste where more than one type of scan is required;
  • They are multi-scale, working at the cellular, tissue, and organ level;
  • They are targeted, capable of flagging a particular pathology or tissue type, as opposed to other contrast agents that are more general and act throughout the whole body.  This capability means that our contrast agents ahve the potential to revolutionize disease detection through non-invasive diagnostic procedures.
  • They have the potential for therapeutic interventions, for example by acting as a means of targeted drug delivery.
Our particles at the core of the NanoMedtrix contrast agents are made of either mesoporous silica (MSN) or doped lanthanides:


MSN Particles:

  • 100-200 nm in diameter, 5 nm pores
  • Loaded with derugs or flourophores for controlled release
  • Capped with a metal / metal oxide nanoparticle
  • Functionalized with various molecules for specific applications.

Lanthanide Particles:

  • 30 nm core diameter; 50 nm hydrodynamic diameter
  • Excitation / emission wavelengths are 350 / 625 nm
  • Unlike organic flourophores, do not photobleach
  • More biocompatible than quantum dots and non-blinking
  • Functionalized with various molecules
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Patent Pending Technology

Our particles are patent pending


Ensuring Product Quality

Our particles are manufactured in a dedicated and sterile lab at the BioVentures Center in Coralville, Iowa